Funny Failure Quotes


Funny failure Quotes: Failure is the necessary and fundamental things in our live. It is described as the lack of success in any things. But the failure is not an end. When you fail you will learn new things that is how you can fail. People fail in different thing some fail in class exam some fail is the life exam.

Here, the list of funny failure Quotes:

Your bike is being old and damage, God had gifted you two legs step up by walking. Be happy and walk to a destiny.

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Some times the inspiration from others doesn’t work but it depends upon us how we implement it. Stay happy and keep moving.

funny failed quotes

If someone makes you sad find out the funny part of them and laugh with them. From the next day, their bad words won’t make you sad much.


Funny Failure Quotes

Its happens with everyone that while we are in some kind of hurry or we are getting nervous we speak whatever comes in our mouth which we also don’t understand.

funny fail quotes

This thing happened with everyone even with the topper to the students who fail in the exam. At the last minute of the exam, a special power comes in their body and which start to remind them about the answers.

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Funny Failure Quotes

It’s better to do something rather than doing nothing in your life. Learn to utilize it.

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Life is like a hand pump more you use your power to take out the water, the water comes that much from it.

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If you need everything in your life, there will be a lack of space in your life. So you should keep what you need in your life.

money failure quotes

Earn that much when someone looks your balance then he/she gets confused it that your bank balance or your phone number.

being change for some things won,t

Being change for something won’t make yourself happy, change themselves to make you happy.

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If you think you are powerless and weak just compare yourself with an ant, you seem powerful than it. But that small ant has the power to make an elephant lose. So don’t feel weak you have your own power in yourself just have confidence.

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Sometimes the worst decision also makes a good story but it’s not always sometimes the good decision also makes a bad story. Never give up even though you lose.   —funny failure Quotes 

hurt some one

Make your sense of humour great and trust me you never gonna hurt again by someone.

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There’s the last wish you which we wanna fulfil before we die but I don’t wanna fulfil it because when I fulfil my last wish then I don’t have any reason to live.

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Whenever life gives you an orange don’t make orange juice, peel off the out layer and squirt it into someone eyes.


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Whenever I see the paper in the exams, I feel like I am gonna create some new formula for making nuclear bombs.

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I know the answer to all the questions but I am afraid of getting 100 marks. I didn’t wanna make the topper sad.

problem funny failure quotes

The funny kids won’t do their homework tomorrow because they use their sense of humour rather than Brian to get out of the problem.

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Always be like proton, because it’s always positive.

when you become funny another

When you became funny another person inside your body comes out and makes happy to each and every one.

funny failed quotes

Sometimes it’s better to move backwards just because to gain some upthrust to come forward in a lightning speed.

Sometimes the failure teaches us that lesson which we never faced in our life and give us a lesson of not doing that thing again in our life.

There’s always a small spark which lastly gets turned into a huge fire who can burn huge things too.

The failure doesn’t mean you have lost all your life at once, take some lessons and motivation from it and try to be a success.

There’s a famous saying “people get success after a massive failure”. The one of the greatest and the father of invention Thomas Alva Edison also had failed more than 900 times but at his 1000 times, he gets the fruit of his hard work.


If you fly too much in front of me, I will cut down your feather.

Sometimes to reach your destination there’s a lot of obstacles and holes in the road. You have to be careful and have a boost of a new spirit.

Do your work passionately so that whenever you go to sleep, there’s no tension or stress on your mind. Make it as clear as crystal.

It’s hard to set up the base of the something, but when you finish setup in the base then it’s easy to build a structure on it. But the base should be strong and tough because it is the backbone of the structure.

If life gives you a lemon, don’t make lemon juice. Sometimes use it make yoghurt too.

The most valuable thing in the earth comes from waste product coal. So there’s no kind of discrimination only the people with high class can do all things.

You are not too old to do the things, it’s just your thinking of not doing anything. If you think you can do you like the age doesn’t matter so.

Don’t use fire to put off the fire, use water it would be easy and fast.

If you have a dedication of doing something until and unless you finish it or you achieve it. Then the failure won’t come between you and your success.

Life cannot be bought with money because it consists of so much feeling which has no cost. Always believe in yourself.

Sometimes you have to be unique, not to just get the attention of people but also the people to get inspired by you.

Don’t get afraid of getting fail, the people will always be there to hit you at back, ignore them and continue your work.

Usually, those people get success who had faces many failures in life. Life is the process of learning things.

No one in the world canes with perfectness, all the people has some defect and nobody get success easily. All people get failure once in a lifetime and it’s the choice of yourself how to utilize it.

Losing is not that when you fail I’m something, losing is that when you give up while doing something.

First, always try to do something because without doing nothing you cannot fail. Sometimes getting failure is also a lesson in life which play a vital role in being a success.

While doing something in life or while you wanna achieve something, there always two options one is success and another is a failure. If you give up and back off you will get failure but if you didn’t give up and solve all the obstacles you will surely succeed in your life.

 Sometimes when you get failure in life, you will get a proper vision on your success.

If you are afraid of getting failure while doing something, then you won’t be able to achieve the things you want.

Those people who are dedicated and wanna achieve success in life won’t be afraid of getting a failure. They even try until and unless they get success in their life.

There is the relationship between failure and success the more you fail the more chance of getting success.

Even when we are a small kid in the process of walking we fell many times but we won’t stop getting up and walking. Never give up on your failure.

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