Relationship Quotes for Him


Love is a close bond with two different opposite gender that goes deeper than affection, attraction. It’s a deep mutual expression of respect, trust, honesty, integrity, intimacy, chemistry, and partnership. Love is something best experienced together in the relationship. You find it in each other, not separately. Here the best relationship quotes for him. This is the best relationship Quotes for him.

relatioships Quotes for him

After you enter in my life, it seems like a river of happiness has come in the desert, a fountain of tears from eyes has been reducing to tap of the tear.

It’s not necessary to take permission to show your love and care towards me. I am always your and you have all rights to do anything.

relationship quotes for him

You attack in my heart and capture it all, now it’s time to payback and take revenge and I will capture you soon.

Its often said that Making happy is so tough and difficult but when I see you and meet you immense happiness comes automatically in me.

You have a superpower that you are the one who can make me happy without touching me.

There’s a magic in the way you make me happy. Feels so much special.

My life was so colourless before you. But after you enter in my life it became colourful. You became the crayons of my empty drawing book.

It’s damn sure that I won’t and I don’t wanna share you with anyone else because you are mine and there’s no one who can take you away from me and I won’t let you go.

If my hand goes full and there’s no hand empty then it’s your responsibility to use your hand for me. It might be your hand but all right are going to me, it’s in my control.

I haven’t imagined that my life could be so happy but after you enter in my life it all starts becoming real and I found a boy who can make me so much happy I could ever imagine.

relationships Quotes for him

When I always am with you then a feeling comes in my heart and that feeling comes only with you no one else.

Before you enter in my life I feel like there’s no true love exists in this world, it’s all in the story but after you came in my life then I feel it could happen in real life too.

Quotes on relationships

If you don’t mind then can I taste your lips for one time.

If you give me your hand trust me I can go everywhere you want and you took me. Because you are my world and I feel comfortable with you.

Sometimes there’s nothing to say or nothing to talk but more than talking I love to watch your pretty eyes and that sparkling face.

 Besides the hard or bad day, you are the one who changes my stress into joy. And for some time I  literally forget all the pain.

I have a dream that sometimes when I wake up in the midnight you would be always there on my side hugging me tight and always there for my kiss.

You love me the way that others couldn’t and it’s cannot be defined in word and sentence.

It might be difficult to make me feel so special but you are the one with whom I always feel so special.

It feels so boring while sitting in the bed listening to music but when I heard the notification of your message a sweet smile always comes in my face. You couldn’t imagine how much it makes me happy.

You are my world with all happiness I want in this entire life.

It’s ok if you are bad for others but for me, you have to be good and Always have to face my childish act.

Staying with you till the last breath is my one of the sweetest wish.

It’s hard to find the person you want in this world but I have that one right in front of me.

It feels so happy when you call me cute, beautiful and sweet but when you call me your in that point I lost my all rights and you took it right away from me.

Your sweet face and that cute eyes are the things that I couldn’t ever resist by seeing.

I always get jealous because I couldn’t share you with anyone else because you are mine only mine.

Sometimes it’s all my care towards you, I won’t blame you or have some kind of doubt in you.

If I couldn’t ever go everywhere I want in my life, it would probably your heart.

It’s ok if you to treat me like a princess but in one cost you will be mine prince then only I am ready otherwise I don’t wanna be it.

In the life my wish is to open my eyes besides your side, singing for you, talk to you, fight with you and sleep with you by telling some stories for you.

I love to watch the way you became happy when I bring some chocolate for you. My all money all goes worth.

My heartbeat goes faster and faster when you come close to me, it’s not insecurity because of its my nervousness and shyness.

I wish at the last moment of my life you will be there saying my goodbye.

I was alone and sad, suddenly you came in my life my and make it beautiful. Thank you so much, my boy.

When my friend asks how is your life, I always smile and says he is all perfect.

Never put your self in the dark side, if you did then grab my hand I will put out you of it.

Even I do a lot of crazy stuff, I do a lot of fight with you, I always irritate you and disturb you with my activities but besides my activities, there’s always tons of love and care for you my love.

I know that sometimes you don’t come in my happy moments or want to take credit from me but I know you will be always there on my hard time to support me and get me up in a hard time.

If you are away from me the size of my careless always increase time to time and want to see you as soon as possible my boy.

If his smile takes you all sadness and frustration from you, believe me, he is the one which can make your life so beautiful.

When someone asks me what is the synonyms of your name I always put my name right to you.

One day when I crave myself I found you inside me. Inside your eyes, there’s are many things which I will tell you one day.

Due to you, my sadness has been decreasing at a very low level. My good time has come with you, so don’t leave me because if you go away then the bad time will come again in my life.

Maybe it takes many reasons to make you happy I will use all my tactics and love to make you happy and prosperous.

I always feel so secure when I catch your arm and walk with you because a wind of trust always comes in my heart when I be with you.

Sometimes I look myself and ask my heart how can I be so lucky to get such a sweet and caring boyfriend like you.


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