Strong Relationship Quotes Sayings

  • If you are in love with someone you like would be an attraction, but falling I love with someone who is totally opposite of you is love.
  • Spending the rest of life will be my last wish and in next life to I wish I would be yours.
  • When someone asks me what is your best memory in your life, I will say the day I meet my life partner.
  • Don’t be too weak and don’t feel regret of losing him/her because those people who don’t understand the pain inside the tears then your words cannot make him/her realize.
  • You are so adorable that if I watch you with my eyes it will ask for more.
  • Its often said love is like falling asleep, it’s happening slowly, then all at once.
  • It gives immense pleasure and happiness when we are in love with someone we loved.
  • There is no ending of love which is done truly and immensely.
  • Sometimes when you truly love someone the face of that person will always come in your eyes whenever you want to sleep and whenever you wake up too.
  • It’s not possible to feel the happiness with your eyes and brain, you probably need your heart to feel it.
  • Sometimes when you are hurt or came through heartbreak, the love of another person can heal you and make you feel better.
  • True love is not done with many people, it is done for one person in many different ways.
  • Sometimes you need to wait for the love you want, but keep in mind that don’t ignore the gold in the search of useless rocks.
  • If you are in love,  many poem and thought came in your mind.
  • If you think being Rich is damn good, just loved someone and when you receive love from the same person you won’t need anything then.
  • A loving heart is the happiest part of the human body if he/she falls in love with someone.
  • Getting mad in love is not weird because people often do weird things in a relationship.
  • Be strong to trust another one because maybe the next person will give love and care until your last breath.
  • Sometimes people don’t realize the true Happiness of being close to each other, they realize that thing when they both got separated and goes far away from each other.
  • Love can make your life sweet and sometimes it may even make your life delightful which you couldn’t even imagine in your life.
  • I hope you know, your ignorance won’t change my feeling for you.
  • You will fall in love with the same person again and again when you truly love that person and wanna spend your life with him/her.
  • Love is the only game where both people can win and be happy because there is no game over.
  • Going away in happiness and coming back in sadness is also an adorable sign of life partner.
  • Love doesn’t make a person poor, it gives immense happiness to those people who do it by their heart.
  • To be happy you have to learn how to share love with other people. Sometimes giving happiness is more delightful than taking happiness.
  • If you are in love with someone, then love him/her the way they deserve and give your best friend o them.
  • The looks and bad habits won’t change your feeling for those whom you love the most.
  •  Always love in the same way you do when you are happy. Never change it according to your mood.
  • Sometimes relationship won’t go as per we want but never lose hope and always trust your partner. All thing will become a little bit easy.
  • When to born and when to die is not in our hand, but how to live is always in our hand.
  • If you find someone who is really interested to be with you for his/her entire life by loving and caring you so much, grab his/her hand and marriage together.
  • It’s damn rare to love someone by the entire heart because in this selfish world it’s hard to find a person who will love you first instead of loving them first.
  • Sometimes people fall in love with their closed one or sometimes a stranger can change into closed one and get in a relationship. Don’t miss the chance of getting loved or loving someone.
  • I don’t know what happened to me why I always see her face while going to sleep and waking up, why I decorate myself to look good in front of her. Someone says to me “It’s a symptom of love”.
  • Someone has said that the love doesn’t look age, it can happen to anyone in any age.
  • Sometimes the very loving one also can break your heart in pieces and make you feel damn bad.
  • Always be strong by your heart so that nobody can ever freaking break your heart and your emotions.
  • When you are enough mature the emotion which hurt you will one heal you up.
  • Love gives happiness and joy when you do it properly and truly, the thing you have to know is always loved by your heart, not by your brain. There is a drastic change between loving someone by heart and brain.
  • If your heart truly loves a person you won’t see any flaws in then and if sometimes you find flaws them it’s your responsibility to remove it and do love and care to that person.
  • Always thank that person who makes you happy and who loves you in the entire time you need love and support. Such a person will change your life into a blooming flower.
  • You are being one of my important person in life without you my life is damn incomplete. Without you, my life is nothing but with you my life is everything.
  • I wish I could always see you in my dreams because I have to say many things which I couldn’t say you in real life.
  •  The one who just pretend or treat you as an ordinary person that’s not the love but the one who loves you in an extraordinary way that’s called true love.
  • I don’t need a rich one or the handsome one, I just need someone who doesn’t forget to take care of me in the midst of hundreds of activities.
  • The more Happiness you get while you are the relationship will hurt you that much when someone leaves you for other, so always try to be strong from your heart.
  • If the one whom you are loving is not giving you the love and care it’s good to leave such a relationship because you deserve a much better life partner who loves you and care about you.
  • Don’t change yourself for others to keep them beside your because the loving one will never leave you if you have many imperfections then also he/she will love you in a way what you deserve.
  • The journey of relationship or loving someone is damn tough you will face many obstacles and Huddle’s but don’t give up so easily, fight with all the problem and think why you came in relationship with each other.


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