Truth quotes about relationships

truth love Quotes
  • Sometimes we fell in love with someone in the wrong place, wrong time or wrong situation.
  • The people get a gap between in relationship just because they create walls instead of making a bridge which connects two heart.
    truth relationship quotes
  • In a relationship, there’s always a reason behind sadness but there no reason loving someone.
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  • Sometimes I won’t be angry, I used to hurt and there’s a huge difference between angry and hurt.
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  • Sometimes in life, we made those people special who remember us. When they feel alone, they never remember us when we are sad.
  • To me you aren’t supposed to be good or bad, to me you are supposed to be my heart.
    Truth Quotes about relationships
  • I never blame you for anything, I always blame myself. For making you my everything.
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  • Love is not about all the expensive gifts and stuff like that, it all depends upon the small efforts done by the person.
  • It’s a fact that a boy and a girl can be it be friends and can be happy without being in a relationship. But there’s always of the high chance of falling in love with each other because we feel in love with those people whom we spend most of the time.
    love relationships quotes truth
  • People usually do break up because no one can felt that their love is greater than their ego.
  • Sometimes loving someone makes you damn happy and there’s maybe some reason behind the happiness too.
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  • We love the other person more than them just because we think that they will leave you if someone gives more love than you do.
  • If you think you have lost someone whom you loved very much is just your thinking. You will never lose the person if you really love him/her.
  • Being together for a certain period of time can give you immense happiness. Love each other not to show the people but just to make your bond strong and last longer.
  • Don’t lose yourself while Loving someone else because if he/she will leave you in a hard situation you won’t have anyone in your back except yourself. And that feeling will hurt so hard.
  • The fact of the world is there no one in the world who won’t hurt you because everyone in the world will hurt you.
  • Sex isn’t everything in the relationship, the things that matter is love and care given by your partner.
  • Love to those people who makes you feel extraordinary and special. Not to those people who will compare you with others.
  • Love always depend upon trust . If you are gonna fall through the top floor and you have confidence that your partner will catch you. That’s called trust.
  • Usually, people love each other due to their good looks but at your last time, there is no value of your good looks the thing that matter is your love and support.
  • It’s hard to forget those people who had given you so many memories. And if that person still loves you and have feeling for you then trust me you are very special for him/her.
  • Don’t change your feeling and emotions to show others. Always be yourself and don’t change because it will hurt those people to those people who love you.
  • If you are confused choosing your life partner and family, you are still not sure about your relationship because the person who loves you won’t be confused choose the right thing and always be in your side.
  • Suppose you are going to die tomorrow and whom you wanna meet and what you wanna say to him/her? And why are you waiting for that moment always live your every day like your last day.
  • Sometimes coming close when they need and leaving them when they are enjoying is the best thing which can make your relationship longer than expected.
  • Without knowing what other think will give you pain and hurt you but after you know his/her feeling towards you and he/she stills love you make you damn regret.
  • In some relationship, people are serious about each other and don’t wanna lose both of each other. That relationship will turn into a marriage one day.
  • I wasn’t mad for waiting for you a couple of hours just to get your reply, I am not sad but I wanna say thank you for giving happiness for a couple of time.
  • I am so weird, sometimes I also feel so angry but I used to cool down myself because I know there’s no one to make me happy.
  • It’s isn’t feel great to text someone again and again just to make them remember about us. For those whom we are important, they will remember us anyhow.
  • In one day talk with those people who make you happy, but also don’t forgot to talk to those people who feel happy by talking with you.
  • The person who’s has made the intention of leaving you will leave you giving many reasons. But that person who wants you in their life won’t leave you for many reasons but finds one reason to love you.
  • Love, our love was so loving, totally different from others. It’s like a love which will never die. Such type of love was about us.
  • I don’t want other people to remember me, give me support until you love me. And leave me when you feel it’s a Cruse.
  • If someone is angry with you, always tells you not to ho here and there, always tells not to go alone and especially keep you away of boys. It’s not that he wanna control you or wanna move you in his fingertips. Just the reason is he loves you a lot and don’t wanna lose you.
  • Do you know when it hurt the most when you message and call a person from morning to night when you get you to send good morning text and at night you send good night text. By doing all this stuff at the end of the day that person starts ignoring you, won’t pick up your call and block you.
  •  If girls cry for you then she loves you, but if a boy cries for you then he doesn’t wanna lose you at any cost and will always love you.
  • I have a request for you if you find someone better than me, who loves you more than me then just tell me. I  leave you but don’t cheat on me and if I found it by myself it will hurt a lot.
  • Don’t beg for time to others it’s better to leave alone. Because in this selfish world there is no one to give you his/her time.
  • Your intentions weren’t to spend life with me. Because those who wanna walk with you till lifetime won’t look the road.
  • You know that I always ask you that is there any problem then lastly. I found that the biggest problem is me.
  • Sorry for doing friendship with you, sorry for texting you, sorry for entering in your life and sorry for wasting your time.
  • Now I think you are happy because I stop texting and calling you like a mad.


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